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A debate:

Are biomolecules "independent and compelling" 
evidence for macro-evolution? 

Evolutionist Creationist
Thomas's essay ReMine's response
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#2 #2
#3 #3

The debate essays are short, (limited to 1500 words each), and had two moderators (one from each side).  The debate was held jointly on two opposing host websites: TCCSA and New Mexicans for Science and Reason.  The debate featured Dave Thomas (evolutionist) versus Walter ReMine (Intelligent Design theorist), and took seven months, ending in April 2003.

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A debate:

Between Walter ReMine 
and evolutionist Massimo Pigliucci, 
at the University of Minnesota, August 2000



The Origin of Birds  (Requires Flash-player)

Walter ReMine plans to respond here to evolutionist reviews critical of his book that are published in widely available and permanent form to date there have been none the published reviews have all been extremely favorable.


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