The Biotic Message

Biography of the Author

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Walter ReMine was born and grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, the third of four sons to an accomplished Mayo Clinic surgeon father, and an artist and fashion-model mother. During these years his interests included music, playing cornet, drums, and guitar; and sports such as football, track, and downhill skiing. He learned magic as a hobby, which later would prove helpful in understanding how key scientific illusions are achieved. In high school he was co-captain of a state ranking swimming team, an Eagle Scout with Order of the Arrow, and member of the National Honor Society for scholarship his junior and senior years.

By the beginning of his junior year at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis campus) he was inducted into Eta Kappa Nu, the national honorary society for electrical engineers. He received his BSEE and MSEE degrees there in 1974 and 1977, with emphasis on signal processing and pattern recognition. This would later help him in studying life's biological patterns and recognizing their meaning, and the strong math background would prove indispensable in studying the claims of evolutionary genetics.

For his Master's thesis he invented and built a pattern recognition system for automatically recognizing and categorizing epileptic seizures from the electroencephalogram (EEG). After that he worked for three years at the University of Minnesota Hospitals, where he developed systems for monitoring and diagnosing epilepsy. Following that he did research work at an internationally known St. Paul technology company on such projects as: the Cochlear Implant Project (a surgically implanted device to enable the deaf to hear), a combination nerve and muscle stimulator (for physical therapy), and library systems (for securely conducting library transactions). Currently, he holds four patents.

During his college years he also became interested in the creation/evolution controversy. By 1980 he was writing articles for a monthly news-magazine, attending board meetings, as well as organizing and speaking at conferences on the subject. Those were transitional years for all sides of the origins controversy, and time spent hobnobbing with its participants gave a deeper appreciation of the mistakes and merits of the various positions. In 1982 he began eleven years of laborious research, culminating in his treatise, The Biotic Message.

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