The Biotic Message

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The Biotic Message is a science book on the creation-evolution controversy. It quotes frequently, if not exhaustively, and only from the author's opponents the evolutionists. It focuses keenly on all the literature of the anti-creationists, to address the issues they raise. The book engages evolutionists on their terms, on their issues, using their testimony, and their ground rules including the central role of testability within Science.

The book focuses on the biological issues. It is not about age, geology, cosmology, floods, or catastrophes. It contains no theology or religious discussion. People on various sides of those issues can comfortably embrace this book.

The book is lengthy and densely packed. It is not lite reading, it is for the serious student of the origins controversy. Though perhaps best described as a freshman-level college text, it has been enjoyed by highschool students and is suitable for public schools. A strong background in science is not necessary, as the book is tutorial in its approach.

Half the book dismantles evolutionary illusions, such as:

The analysis of evolutionary theory receives praise from creationists and evolutionists alike.

The other half of the book is more controversial. The book doesn't just take shots at evolution, it actively proposes a scientifically testable creation theory to take its place. The new theory overturns Darwin's and Gould's arguments about "imperfect" designs, and most notably, the evolutionist's central argument the nested pattern of life. The full range of biological issues are discussed, from vestigial organs, to embryology, to biomolecules, to biogeography, and more.

The central claims of the theory are simple and plausible: Life was reasonably designed for survival, and to convey a message that tells where life came from. The message can be described in two parts:

  1. Life was designed to look like the product of a single designer.
  2. Life was designed to resist all other explanations.

In other words, evolutionary theory helped shape the pattern of life with a reverse impact. Life was intricately designed to resist all evolutionary explanations, not just Darwin's or Lamarck's.

This 538 page hardbound book is handsomely printed and bound by America's leading manufacturer of Law books. The Biotic Message can win a place on your science bookshelf.

The book evolutionists
don't want you to know about.

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